Welcome to the Serie Experience.. Ioulis, Tzia, Greece


As the winds of change blew across  Tzia over the centuries, one myth still shines in local legend. Seirios, brightest star, worshiped by the ancients as giver of cool breezes, is the namesake of  the Serie Hotel.

Tzia is easy to reach from Athens and the Serie is an ideal island escape offering luxurious  amenities in  the simplicity of a truly Aegean atmosphere. The hotel’s eight rooms, equipped with with every comfort and convenience, are designed for Aegean inspiration.

Start your day with the sounds of the countryside and a homemade breakfast prepared with fresh, local products. And don’t miss the sensations of a spectacular sunset on your private balcony.

Conveniently located just steps away from historic Ioulis, the island’s  main town and a short drive to the port and many of the island’s famous beaches, the Serie is the perfect place to experience Tzia at its best.