Welcome to the Serie Experience.. Ioulis, Tzia, Greece
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Tzia is famous as a hiker’s paradise and scuba divers dream. But the local culture, history, secrets of the countryside, beautiful beaches and the legendary sea offer special moments of discovery.

Walk & Wonder.

Entering the arcade to Ioulis, the history of the ancient town comes to life in its monuments, such as the Venetian Castle, stone Lion Statue carved from granite (600 B.C.) and the Archaeological Museum, which houses a rare collection of pre-history finds. The stone-built architecture and Cycladic alleyways travel your imagination to the days of pirates. Highlights include the many ouzeries and tavernas with a variety of tasty, local specialties, the shops with local products, such as honey and the labyrinth of narrow streets with a surprise at every turn.

Hiking in the countryside, you will follow the footsteps of the ancients on centuries’ old paths and discover many springs, fountains with running water,  windmills and watermills.

Drive & Dive.

Tzia offers a scenic route to many of the island’s exceptional beaches, such as a drive to the picturesque village of Koundouros and its beautiful beach, 15 kilometers from the Serie. Enjoy a ride along the coast before you dive into the crystal waters of the island’s beached, such as  Otzias and Gialiskari, only 15 minutes away. Vourkari, a cosmopolitan harbor for yachts, is a traditional fishing village where the seaside Serios Restaurant is located.

Wherever you choose to swim, the island’s clear waters offer excellent visibility for diving and water sports.